Auris Otobone® is an artificial temporal bone developed from a human CT, produced with a special material with density similar to a biological bone.

With difficulty in obtaining anatomical parts in corpses and with the increase in the number of specialists in educational institutes this is the ideal solution training.

Developed and tested in the laboratories of the medicine faculties of the USP and the Replicare-Medicina 3D

Currently available to doctors, educational institutions, students and companies for training implantable prostheses throughout Brazil and abroad.


Prof. Dr Ricardo Ferreira Bento
Dra. Adriana Kosma Pires de Oliveira
Dra. Paula Tardim Lopes
Dr. Edson Leite Freitas
Dr. Fernando Balsalobre
Dr. Lucas Formighieri
Dr. Luiz Otávio de Mattos Coelho
Rafael Formighieri