Estapedo Auris Otobone

Auris Otobone Practical Dissection Manual

Insertion of Cochlear Implant in Auris Otobone

VIBRANT in Auris Otobone

Surgical training for placement of Vibrant Sounbridge middle ear prosthesis using Auris Otobone biomodel

Pre and retrosigmoid bonebridge training with Auris Otobone

Surgical training video for placement of retrosigmoid or prehistoric bonebridge prosthesis using biomodel Auris Otobone

Ponto Auris Otobone

Surgical training video with bone anchorage prosthesis in Auris Otobone biomodel

Know Auris-Otobone

Auris Otobone® is an artificial temporal bone developed from a human CT, produced with a special material with density similar to a biological bone.

With difficulty in obtaining anatomical parts in corpses and with the increase in the number of specialists in educational institutes this is the ideal solution training.

Developed and tested in the laboratories of […]